"Dr. Reimer is one of the most caring and compassionate psychologists I know. She works hard for her clients, has amazing heart and can really turn things around for her young clients. I have consulted with her about my own clients and my own children. She is an excellent provider and has especially great skills with anxious kids. She will always do her very best for you and your children."
Dr. Sonja Benson, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist (MN & AZ)

"Dr Reimer is a passionate provider--her setting is non-threatening, inviting and soothing to children. She integrates the parents seamlessly into the care she provides while achieving results. We always recommend her!"
--Appreciative parents  

"Dr. Reimer plays an essential role in the care of our pediatric and adolescent patients. Her professional, compassionate and caring manner has made an enormous impact on our patients' health. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Dr. Reimer in the care of our patients. We are so grateful that we have her in our community as a resource for our families."                                                                    Dr. Binita Patel, MD                                                                                                                                                             Desert Sun Pediatrics 

"Our 9-year-old-son was experiencing symptoms of anxiety and OCD. We had met with other therapists who had tried to assist him, yet his symptoms continued to persist. A trusted friend (who happens to be a child psychiatrist) referred us to Dr. Reimer. Upon meeting Dr. Reimer, we were immediately impressed both by her impressive background as well as her upbeat, collaborative style. From the very first consultation with our son, we immediately knew she was the “right” fit. He responded well to her positive demeanor and matter-of-fact approach to tackling his issues. Instead of talking “down” to him, she explained things in clear terms and gave him appropriate tools and techniques to address his OCD. His symptoms subsided – and virtually disappeared – almost immediately. While OCD may very well prove to be an ongoing issue for our son, we now feel confident and blessed that Dr. Reimer has provided him with the lifelong tools he needs to manage this challenging condition. We highly recommend her services as she has worked wonders for our child and, subsequently, our family."
--Scottsdale parents of 9-year-old son with anxiety/OCD

"One of the worst feelings a parent can experience is knowing your child is struggling with something, yet not knowing how to help them. My son is extremely gifted, and as a result, is often very intolerant/frustrated with the world around him. When his level of frustration led to sadness and anxiety, I was at a complete loss as to what to do. One day, he told me about a "Dr. Reimer that helped his friends feel better". Within a few days, we had our first appointment. After just one session I could see a dramatic change! Dr. Reimer has a unique ability to reach out to the children in a way that they understand - to think like them - (and even act like them if necessary happy. Over a number of sessions, she taught my son not only how to change his mindset about current issues, but also how to recognize and combat new potential challenges. She taught him amazing life skills that he continues to use as he grows, and I am certain he will use throughout his life. As the parent, I never felt uncomfortable or ashamed when working with Dr. Reimer. Her outgoing and approachable personality made it easy for me to discuss some very difficult challenges I was facing. Along with helping me, and helping my son, she actually also helped bring the two of us closer together as a team. I will be forever grateful, and encourage anyone facing a trauma, challenge, etc., to not be afraid to seek help and to contact Dr. Reimer ~ a decision you will never regret."--Mom of 12 year old son

“I came to Dr. Reimer after experiencing issues with anxiety and depression after having my first child. Dr. Reimer worked with me to find the root of some important issues and help me to get through them. Every session, from day one, was very comfortable which made healing much more enjoyable! I would recommend Dr. Reimer to anyone who wants to enjoy life to the fullest and find the happiness in anything!” --Happy Mommy in Phoenix, AZ

"We came to Dr. Reimer nervous, scared, and not knowing how to handle our problem. She was welcoming, relatable, kind, and helpful. After working with her, we felt comfortable and confident, equipped with a new clarity and tools to move forward." --A relieved mother of an adolescent

"I have known Dr. Dina Reimer for twenty years, first as my student and then as a colleague and friend. She is a skilled, compassionate, and empathic therapist with an infectious positive attitude and an enduring belief in people's ability to improve the quality of their lives. Dr. Reimer is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals and she inspires the hope and optimism needed for success. When I am trying to help someone find a therapist, I wish again that Dr. Reimer were still in New England so I could make the referral to her."
Dr. Alan Bodnar, Ph.D.
Co-Director of Psychology Training (retired) Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital (MA)
Columnist New England Psychologist

"If you are looking for comforting expertise and practical advice to help your loved one, Dr. Dina Reimer is the perfect fit. Empathetic and goal-oriented, Dr. Reimer offered a plan to address our child's anxiety issues. She quickly established a rapport, gained our child's trust and offered exactly what our family needed to tackle the problem in an effective and efficient manner. We highly recommend her services." --A grateful family

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