How long will this take?

The quick unsurprising answer is: it really depends.

My heartfelt goal is to provide what you or your child needs in the shortest time frame that is most helpful to make the learning stick and help you feel happier. My objective is to encourage emotional independence, so you can take the tools I offer and run with them. Depending on what the issues are and how straightforward, I have provided help in as little as one session. The "magic" number for progress seems to be 5-10 sessions and for some throughout the school year to get back on track. I view myself as a Family Psychologist, here across the lifespan, helping along the way with particular stressors, milestones, "tune-up" sessions here and there. I don't plan on going anywhere any time soon. I am here to help for as long or as little as it takes to help. As needed, there are times we will access other providers' help as well. It takes a team effort.

Ideally to start, I've noticed 4-5 sessions 1 week apart is often most helpful, especially with children for consistency and to allow the therapeutic relationship to solidify. From the beginning of our work together I teach tools for life and suggest ways to practice. I work collaboratively with you to see what is needed, what has helped as we progress, moving to every 2 weeks as soon as comfortable, then monthly check ins, for example, and then I'm here if/when needed. There are some clients I continue to see monthly or every 3 months per their request, as staying connected seems to be the most helpful for them, especially for teenagers to help them get through high school as productively and happily as possible.

Again, how often I meet with clients and for how long varies. I truly value and realize our therapeutic work together is an emotional, time & financial investment, one that I believe can pay off invaluably for lifelong happiness. There is no one size fits all approach in my practice. We work together to find the most helpful, efficient ongoing plan for you or your child. In short, how long will this take? We can decide together, but it's really up to you! ; )

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